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About Us Your Guruji

YourGuruji.com is pakistan number one site. We have reaches 50000 viewers monthly. We deliver breaking news,national and interational stories in the world. We have best team of workers and journalists in the world. Our readers want realy matter stories so we bring that stories to them from the world. We balance pakistan and global moments from politics to pop culture. We live to engage with readers and at appropriate times provide an alternate angle on the news that involves humour when least expected. Yourguruji.com delivers the news in colour spanning entertainment,travel,lifestyle,sport,business,technology,money and real estates. We connect users with our content where ever they are spending their time. See and read our website.

Your Guruji Team



Rana Khurram is the Chief Seo Expert and the Founder of ‘Your Guruji’"Tech news today". He has a very deep interest in all current affairs topics whatsoever. Well, he is the power of our team and he lives in Lahore. who loves to be a self dependent person.


I.T Manager

My name is Dr. Sundus Basharat, 25years old. I was graduated from Lahore College for Women University, my major is medicine. I live in Pakistan. I have ever worked in the community Health service center in Pakistan. Now I am working as a writer my motto is “write now what people need”. I spend most of my time in writing in a social network to gather people and give them interesting news and solution of most of our daily health and wealth problems.

Gulalai Ismail


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